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Combined Language Instruction and Internship 

Students may take, prior to an internship in Berlin, language instruction in cooperation with a very experienced language school in Berlin, DIE NEUE SCHULE. These courses are to improve the German language skills to enhance students' chances for being accepted by attractive sites. Furthermore, the better the language proficiency, the higher the effectiveness throughout the internship. Click here for more details on the language program for individual students and here on the internship program. In addition, you can find a list of the home colleges and universities of participating students. Please have in mind that only fully vaccinated students will be accepted!

The combination of both programs allows students to start their stay in Berlin by attending a language class over the first four weeks (80 h) and then take an eight-week internship. The table at the bottom of this site gives a price example.


The STUDIENFORUM BERLIN's Combination Program is open to undergraduate and graduate students in all fields of study. Students must be sophomores, juniors or seniors at the time of their internship and have a grade point average of 3.0 (B) or better.

STUDIENFORUM BERLIN is an academic non-profit institution. Thus, all internships STUDIENFORUM BERLIN arranges are not paid.

STUDIENFORUM BERLIN's Combination Program attempts to prepare students for the subsequent internship. Some prior knowledge of the German language, both spoken and written, is required. The level required is B1 of the language levels of the Common European Framework of References (CEF) or higher.

Students who have a detailed knowledge or a particular interest in a specific field for their internship should note this in the cover letter of the application. In a short essay (no more than a page) they should explain why they would like to do an international internship, make clear what the purpose of their internship is and how the internship contributes to their field of study. Please note that the minimum duration of an internship is eight weeks.

For the application students are also required to send

  • a current résumé,
  • current transcript,
  • copy of current student ID,
  • three photographs,
  • proof of health, accident and liablity insurance coverage for abroad (these three insurance components are mandatory. STUDIENFORUM BERLIN can arrange for insurance coverage at reasonable cost upon arrival).


Internship placements are quite competitive. STUDIENFORUM BERLIN makes strict efforts to place the interns in order of their preferences but cannot make sure that each one will get her/his first choice.


Orientation covers all aspects of the program, with special emphasis on living, studying, and interning in Germany. Cultural and social activities are held to acquaint students with each other and the New Berlin.

Orientation does emphasize health and personal security while studying and while traveling in Berlin and Germany.

STUDIENFORUM BERLIN's staff will be available throughout the program to meet the needs of the interns. The staff will also arrange for a sightseeing tours in Berlin (included in the program fee) and make reservations for optional cultural events: theatres, operas, concerts, exhibitions. Tours to sites outside of Berlin are optional.


STUDIENFORUM BERLIN does not grant credit or confer degrees itself. After completing the internship successfully students will get certificates by Studienforum Berlin.

STUDIENFORUM BERLIN'S tuition and fees include
  • internship placement,
  • orientation,
  • supervision,
  • health, accident and liability insurance,
  • pick-up service,
  • "Welcome package" (including Public Transportation Pass (A and B), a City Map, sim card incl. a 15 € prepaid card, the STUDIENFORUM BERLIN's Student Handbook "Discover Berlin", several brochures etc.),
  • Berlin sightseeing tour,
  • organization of leisure and cultural activities (social gatherings, tickets for theatre, operas, concerts),
  • administration fee (includes accommodation arrangement).

The price of the language course includes

  • language course registration
  • placement test
  • 20 h of language instruction per week
  • learning material
  • final test

The following table gives you a price example of a typical 12-week combination of language/internship and, as a reference, for a typical 8-week internship (for longer terms prices will be adjusted):




(shared apartment without meals)


Typical 12-week combined Language 
(4 weeks)/Internship (8 weeks) 

EUR 1,340*

EUR 1,260*

EUR 1,650*

EUR 4,250*

Typical 8-week Summer/Fall
Internship Program

EUR 890*

EUR 1,180*

EUR 1,100*

EUR 3,170*

*Current Euro-Dollar exchange rates are available here.

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