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Field Trips, Excursions and Cultural Activities

As part of the German language, the semester and the internship programs, STUDIENFORUM BERLIN's faculty and staff are organizing short excursions and field trips into Berlin and Potsdam, the capital of Brandenburg, to explore the political and cultural dynamics of the Berlin area first hand. Most of these excursions and field trips in the Berlin and Brandenburg region are part of the program fees.

Integrated into all STUDIENFORUM BERLIN's academic programs are optional 1 - 3 day excursions outside of Berlin. These excursions help introduce students to other regions of Germany and Central Europe enabling them to extend their learning outside of the classroom. Most of the 1 - 3 day excursions are not covered by the program fee. Prices are subject to change.

Upon request STUDIENFORUM BERLIN can arrange study tours, field trips and excursions (faculty-led or not) which are focused on specific subjects related to history, fine arts, music, architecture, education, business, politics, and European integration. Typical examples are a week-long tour to concentration camps in Central Europe, to the major sites of "Luther"-country, or a four-day field trip to leading telecommunication companies in Germany.

The staff of STUDIENFORUM BERLIN will inform students of current cultural events and makes ticket reservations for theatres, operas, concerts and exhibitions upon request.

Optional Excursions for Groups

Here you will find some examples for 1 - 3 day-excursions which STUDIENFORUM BERLIN can arrange for groups during the different programs (min. six participants). The prices for all excursions include
  • travel (by train or bus),
  • accommodation in youth hostels or simple hotels with breakfast (for tours of more than one day only),
  • public transportation, and
  • guided tours.
Some of the destinations are:
Destination Duration Costs
Weimar/Buchenwald/Erfurt weekend (3 days) EUR 215
Dresden/Meissen weekend (3 days) EUR 215
Hamburg weekend (2 days) EUR 180
Dessau (Bauhaus Museum) 1 day EUR 90
Lutherstadt Wittenberg 1 day EUR 100
Leipzig 1 day EUR 100
Prague (Czech Republic) weekend (3 days) EUR 255

Excursions and field trips will be organized by STUDIENFORUM BERLIN's staff for groups with a minimum of six participants. Additional journeys are possible on request.

Individual students who want to participate in an excursion must check with STUDIENFORUM BERLIN's staff.

For further information or questions please email us.

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