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As a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic there have been no fall semester programs with Nazareth College in 2020 and 2021.

The next chance to get a placement and to study in Berlin will be in 2022.

Here you find some basic information:


Fall 2022 Semester Program with Nazareth College of Rochester NY

Since spring of 2001, Nazareth College of Rochester, New York, with Studienforum Berlin e.V., offers a 15-credit, 16-week semester program in Berlin, the Berlin Residential Program. Starting in 2013, the program has become a "Featured Program" of the consortium The New American Colleges & Universities (NAC&U).

The dates for fall 2022 are: August 29 - December 16.


Students take five courses: three liberal arts courses (45 h each), taught in English; orientation and an introductory German language course; and a four-week unpaid internship permitting use of English, at corporations, public institutions such as museums, schools, think tanks, etc., in Berlin (the internship may be substituted by a second language course). Accommodation and board is in homestays.

This program is open to all students who want to acquire U.S. credits. The program includes tuition, room and board (two meals), an on-site student coordinator, cultural events and excursions. 

Orientation does emphasize health and particularly personal security while studying and while traveling in Berlin and Germany.

This program allows for the unique opportunity to study the political and economic changes in Germany's capital and Central Europe first-hand and to experience history in the making. This fall's curriculum includes cross-listed courses: German History 1871 to the Present (history); European Business Economics (economics or business administration); 20th Century German Literature, Theater and Cabaret (literature or theater arts); Conflict Studies (political science, peace studies); Sustainability - European Appoaches (Political Science) and Symphonic Music and Opera, Mozart to Mahler (music history). 

Studienforum Berlin's  application deadline is 31 May 2022.

CONTACT: Nazareth College (Dr. Nevan Fisher) or Studienforum Berlin (Dr. Hanns-D. Jacobsen).

Visit also the Center of International Education at Nazareth College of Rochester, N.Y.

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Semester Program

The Fall Semester Program is taught in English, not in German - with the exception of the language instruction, of course. This distinguishes the Berlin Residential Program from most other study-abroad programs offered in Germany. It is ensured that each student receives strong support and personal attention by faculty and staff. All courses are designed to take advantage of Berlin, Germany's capital, historical, as well as, current political, economic and cultural resources. The courses assist students to enhance understanding contemporary issues in enlarging Europe, unifying Germany and Berlin including the problem areas surrounding the relationship between the eastern and western parts of Germany.

The calendar for the Berlin home-stay semester separates the courses into three phases: Students study German intensively throughout September. From early September to mid-November students enroll in three of the five available Liberal Arts courses. The professional Internship then lasts from mid-November to mid-December, during which time students work full-time at their internship location. This schedule maximizes students' progress in the language, no matter what level of German they had studied in September.

Students assume responsibility for providing all necessary signatures and authorizations by the designated deadlines. (Applications which are not fully completed will not be considered.)


The Fall Semester Program is designed especially for sophomores and juniors of all fields of study. They must have a good academic standing (grade point average of 3.0 (B) or better). Some proficiency in the German language is strongly recommended. In addition, all students who are open to new ideas and enthusiastic and serious about learning in another culture are welcome.


To help students to adjust to the new situation STUDIENFORUM BERLIN provides, during the first week of the program, a general orientation to Germany and Berlin. This is an important program component. Here students will become acquainted with each other and with the academic and administrative staff, particularly with the student coordinator. The participants will get an overview on the recources, facilities and user procedures of STUDIENFORUM BERLIN as well as the logistics of living in Berlin such as housing, transportation, health, safety and personal security, and recreation. Also issues concerning living in a foreign setting as a challenge of cross-cultural learning will be discussed. 

Orientation will also help each student to learn about the program objectives. There will also be a discussion of academic and personal goals for the semester with the students, faculty members and staff. The week of orientation will be supplemented through lectures, field trips, group discussions, selected readings and films as well as through social gatherings. During the program STUDIENFORUM BERLIN's student coordinator will be available throughout the course to meet the special needs of the students. STUDIENFORUM BERLIN's staff also organizes sightseeing tours to Berlin and Potsdam (as part of the program) as well as excursions to places of historical and cultural interest outside of Berlin and makes reservations for cultural events (theatres, operas, concerts, exhibitions etc.).

The Courses

Each liberal arts course comprises 45 contact hours throughout the duration of the semester. To get 15 (or more) credits (the exact amount depends on the home universities' requirements), each student has to take (1) three courses, (2) on-site orientation and language instruction, and (3) a four-week internship. Depending on the internship site requirements the duration of the internship can be extended to five or six weeks. Academic standards in Berlin are consistent with those at NAZARETH COLLEGE.

The liberal arts courses have syllabi with assigned and optional readings, require oral presentations, a midterm evaluation (in-class), and take-home finals. Students are expected to come to class prepared and to participate actively in the discussions. 

The intensive German language course will be held throughout the second to eigth week of the program (20h/week) allowing for basic and advanced communication in the German language. The German language course takes place at "Die Neue Schule", a very experienced language school in Berlin which meets Goethe-Institute standards. The language instruction is offered on a beginning or intermediate level and will focus on practical language skills and conversation in order to facilitate a quick integration into life in Berlin.
The language program is only the starting point for students to improve their language skills and overall experiences. Proficiency will be enhanced by multiple possibilities to meet German people, e.g. while students live with German families and when they participate in excursions and field trips. 

Each of the liberal arts courses will be taught over 10 weeks. Fridays will normally be used for field trips and excursions.

The four-week (possibly six weeks) internship takes place at the end of the program (starting Nov. 18 resp. Nov. 4), by spending five days per week with the respective institution (the internship can be substituted with an independent research project, supervised by a special mentor, or with an additional German language course). To get an impression of what will wait for you watch this movie about some of the interns.

Course Offerings Fall 2020 (will be updated to 2022 soon!)

The 2020 curriculum includes German language instruction (#1), an unpaid internship or supervised independent research (#2), and three cross-listed courses (choose out of #3 to #8):

1. Foreign Language/Culture German Language (elementary, intermediate or advanced) 6 Credits
2. Internship (may satisfy requirement in chosen major) Professional Internship (at public and private institutions and businesses) 3 Credits
3. Economics, Business Administration European Business Economics 3 Credits
4. Theater Arts or German Literature 20th Century German Theater, Film, Literature
3 Credits
5. History  German History 1871 to the Present 3 Credits
6. Music History Symphonic Music and Opera: Mozart to Mahler 3 Credits
7. Political Science, Peace Studies, History, International Studies Conflict and Peace Studies 3 Credits
8. Sustainability Sustainability - European Approaches 3 Credits

The liberal arts classes are held in the modern classrooms of "Die Neue Schule" in Berlin Wilmersdorf. The classrooms can easily been reached through the extensive public transportation system of Berlin.

Books, Texts, Computers, Internet

The books and texts required for the language and lecture courses will be provided at no extra costs, usually as readers.  Access to the scientific libraries in Berlin will be arranged if needed. Students are encouraged to bring their own laptops. Tablet computers are usually not sufficient enough. Both, the lecture facilities and the host families provide access to the internet.

Grading, Review and Evaluation

Each student is encouraged to participate actively in the courses through readings as well as oral and written presentations. Grades are based upon class participation and attendance, written papers and examinations (usually an in-class mid-term, and a final take-home essay). To get basic instructions on how to write an essay, click here.

STUDIENFORUM BERLIN's course offerings include regular meetings with students, faculty and staff to discuss and review the program, allowing students to express their academic and personal experiences. This dialogue helps to shape the program to the students' particular needs. Each program concludes with a review and evaluation by students, faculty and staff and the internship host.

About Credits and Certificates

STUDIENFORUM BERLIN e.V. is an educational non-profit institution that does not grant credit or confer degrees. Credit resp. transfer credit for this semester program is awarded by NAZARETH COLLEGE of Rochester, New York. Please inquire!

As a general rule, each student applying for a program of STUDIENFORUM BERLIN is responsible to be aware of her/his home institution's credit transfer policies and requirements.  

Students should be aware that in accepting transfer credit there may be an additional administrative fee from their university/college.

On request, STUDIENFORUM BERLIN issues certificates for the Language Programs, the Semester Program and the Internship Program which confirm the successful participation of a student in the respective program. The certificate includes information about the duration of the program, the courses chosen, and the amount of contact hours per course. The grading of coursework follows U.S. grading principles. Interns will be evaluated by the internship supervisor in accordance with the requirements of the home institution.

Tuition and Fees

Costs include
  • tuition,
  • on-site student coordinator,
  • pick-up and drop-off service,
  • a "Welcome package" (including a City Map, the STUDIENFORUM BERLIN's Student Handbook "Discover Berlin", several brochures, etc.),
  • accommodation with host families,
  • welcome and farewell dinner,
  • sightseeing tours in Berlin and Potsdam,
  • special group trips to Dresden, Weimar, Buchenwald, Erfurt, Slubice (Poland) and Prague (Czech Republic),
  • organization of leisure and cultural activities,
  • NAZARETH COLLEGE's and STUDIENFORUM BERLIN's administration fee.

These items will be included in the total program cost, when billed directly by Nazareth College:

  • learning material and lab fee (e.g., for tickets concerning the courses "20th Century German Theater, Literature, Cabaret" and "Symphonic Music and Opera, Mozart to Mahler"; for site visits of the other courses, e.g. to Poland),
  • public transportation pass,
  • residency permit,
  • health, accident and liability insurance,
  • cellphone rent.
16-week Semester Program Please inquire!

Not included are

  • lunches,
  • incidentals.

Excursions to Prague, Dresden, Erfurt, Weimar/Buchenwald are included in the program; further historical and cultural excursions to sites outside of the Berlin/Potsdam area are optional

Faculty and Staff

STUDIENFORUM BERLIN has assembled an experienced, open-minded, motivated and dedicated faculty and staff who all have received degrees and taught at major universities throughout the world. Faculty and staff feel obliged to meet the needs of the students.

For further information or questions please email us.

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