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Terms and Conditions

On-site Administration

STUDIENFORUM BERLIN's responsibilities include academic and non-academic components of the programs in Berlin:

  • the provision and organization of the academic programs
  • the administrative contacts to the language school and to the private and public institutions providing internships 
  • the transportion of the students and accompanying faculty from and to the airport or train station
  • the provision of accommodation and the arrangement of program features such as the visit of sites in the Berlin/Potsdam area.
  • the organization of leisure activities including ticket reservations for cultural events and social gatherings
  • the organization of optional travel to cultural, political and historical important places outside of the Berlin/Potsdam area.

Schedule of Payment

This is the schedule of payment for STUDIENFORUM BERLIN's different programs. See also the terms of enrollment below:



(at the latest)


Application Fee

EUR 150 Deposit

with application

EUR 100 refundable in case of cancellation at the latest 10 weeks before program start

Total Program Fee 1st installment

50 per cent

42 days prior to program start

EUR 100 of deposit will be credited

Total Program Fee 2nd installment

50 per cent

21 days prior to program start

Studienforum Berlin has German Bank Connections (for electronic payments in EUR resp. in USD). The respective current USD - EUR exchange rate is available here.). Please inquire to get the accounts information here.

Terms and Conditions of Enrollment

Please note: Studienforum Berlin will accept students only who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19!
  1. STUDIENFORUM BERLIN's programs consist of 4 to 8 weeks German Language Programs, a 16-weeks Semester Program, 4- to 12-weeks Internship Programs as well as occasional Faculty Seminars (10 days).

  2. Before enrolling for the program students must make sure that there are no immigration and/or residence restrictions regarding their participation.

  3. Application fee--EUR 150. Payment of this fee is due with each student's enrollment in one of STUDIENFORUM BERLIN's programs. EUR 50 is an administrative cost and not refundable. EUR 100 of this fee will be balanced with the total payment of the program.
  4. The student is personally responsible for taking health and accident insurance. If desired, a third-party liability insurance can be obtained; for an internship liability insurance is mandatory. A proof of health insurance is required, for example by presenting a copy of the insurance policy or the insurance card. (It is possible that students get an affordable package including health, accident and liability insurance through STUDIENFORUM BERLIN. Please inquire!)

  5. Should a student be wholly or partly unable to attend the program for personal reasons (e.g. illness, residential restrictions, professional or personal commitments), she/he shall have no claim to a reimbursement of the program fee.

  6. The program fee has to be paid in advance, 50 % 42 days before the starting date of the respective program; the other 50 %  21 days before the starting date. Transfer resp. bank costs or fees have to be taken by the partner institutions or the participants of the programs.

  7. If a student cancels an application at least ten weeks prior to the start of any program STUDIENFORUM BERLIN will claim only EUR 50 of the application fee of EUR 150.

  8. Withdrawal from the program is possible, but a request must be submitted in writing. The date of withdrawal is determined by the receipt of the request at the office of the STUDIENFORUM BERLIN e.V. In this case STUDIENFORUM BERLIN e.V. reserves the right to retain:

  9. 30 % of the total for withdrawals received up to 35 days before starting date
    50 % of the total for withdrawals received up to 21 days before starting date
    75 % of the total for withdrawals received up to 14 days before starting date.
  10. STUDIENFORUM BERLIN e.V. reserves the right to cancel a program if there is not sufficient enrollment in this class. In this case all prepaid fees will be refunded.
  11. Court of jurisdiction is Berlin.

Terms and conditions are subject to change!

For more information please send us an

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